Interviews with residents | Share house in Kobe area

International residents make up half of the residents of Living Place Kobe Hanakuma and Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya.

Everyone comes from a variety of backgrounds, making for a lively international exchange within the share house.

We interviewed one of the residents to find out what kind of dreams she had when she came to Kobe.

-Where are you from?


-How did you find this share house?

This share house was pretty, modern and cosy. All the amenities were provided.

-How long do you plan to stay in Japan or Kobe?

1 year

-What was your most memorable experience in a share house?

There’s not just one. I enjoyed all the activities I did with my housemates. Cooking dinner together, watching movies in the living area, and outings on weekends. My sharehouse-mates made this place fun and lively for me.

-What do you plan to do after you return to home country?

Continue with my higher studies, mostly a PhD

What do you enjoy most about living in a share house?

All the activities that we do together. It feels nice to talk to people at the end of the day and know about each other’s day. Planning for outings on weekends was fun too.

-How would you describe the sense of community within the share house?

I would say, it totally depends on how each person in the house is. I was lucky to have friendly Share house mates, which made it easier and exciting to stay in the house. Bonding matters a lot.

-What are your recommendations for this share house?

It’s a lovely place. With all the amenities, and being so close to the Sannomiya station, it’s very convenient. The only suggestion I have is the staff should arrange for closets

cupboards in every room, and that would make this place ideal for living.

-What advice would you give to someone considering living in a share house?

Approach your Sharehouse-mates and try to be friend them. The experience of living in the same house would be so much better if you made efforts to know people living with you. Also, be sure to make no inconvenience for your fellow mates. If everyone does their part well, the process of living together becomes smooth

This time it was a resident who lived in Share House Palette!