The Ultimate Guide to a Share House Tour (Including Virtual Tours)

Hey there!

So, you’ve scheduled a tour at a potential share house?

Whether you’re a seasoned share house veteran or a first-timer, a well-prepared tour can make all the difference in finding your perfect communal abode.

Let’s dive into the ultimate guide on what you need to prepare before, during, and after your share house tour, including considerations for virtual tours.

Before the Tour

Research, Research, Research:

  • Get to know the share house: its location, amenities, and house rules.
  • Check reviews or testimonials from current or former residents.
  • For virtual tours, ensure you have the necessary video call applications and a stable internet connection.

Prepare Questions:

  • What’s included in the rent?
  • Are there any additional costs or fees?
  • How are cleaning duties and house chores managed?
  • Is the house pet-friendly?

Clarify any doubts about house rules.

  • Ask about any specific details that might not be visible in a virtual tour.
  • Budget Considerations:
  • Know your budget and inquire about any hidden costs.
  • Understand the payment structure and due dates.

During the Tour

Inspect the Room

  • Check the condition of the room, including walls, windows, and flooring.
  • Ensure all essentials are in place (bed, desk, clothes rack).
  • In a virtual tour, request a walkthrough of shared spaces and different angles of the room.

Evaluate Shared Spaces

  • Assess the cleanliness and functionality of communal areas (kitchen, bathroom, living room)
  • Observe the house atmosphere – does it align with your preferences?

Ask About Social Events

  • Inquire about any regular house events or social gatherings.
  • Gauge the community vibe and see if it resonates with your lifestyle.

After the Tour

Reflect on Your Experience

  • Take some time to reflect on your impressions.
  • Consider whether the share house aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

Follow Up

  • Send a thank-you email expressing your gratitude for the tour.
  • If you have any additional questions, now’s the time to ask.

Decision Time

  • Evaluate your overall experience and decide if the share house meets your criteria.
  • If you’re interested, initiate the application process promptly.

Remember, a share house is not just about finding a room but discovering a community that resonates with you. By being well-prepared at every stage of the tour process, you increase your chances of finding a share house that feels like home. Happy house hunting!