Activities to Enjoy this Summer 2024 in Kobe

Kobe - Nunobiki Herb Gardens Ropeway 神戸布引ハーブ園ロープウエイ

Japan offers a plethora of activities during the summer season. There’s something to enjoy whether you’re looking to beat the heat, exploring cultural events, or indulging in summer treats. Here are the 10 must-do experiences to enjoy your summer in Kobe and beyond:

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1.Attend a Summer Festival

Join in the celebrations at a summer festival. You can participate in Bon Odori while wearing a colorful Yukata, try various festival stall foods such as grilled squid and yakisoba, and cap off the night with fireworks display lighting up the sky.

2.Nagashi Somen

Nagashi Somen is a fun way to experience eating a Japanese summer food. Thin noodles are flown down in cold water usually in a bamboo slide, inviting you to catch them with chopsticks and dip them in savory sauce. Recreate this fun activity at home with miniature plastic sets that can be bought in different stores, perfect for intimate gatherings with friends and family.

3.Swimming at the Beach

Japan boasts beautiful beaches where you can relax and swim. Escape the city heat and bask in the sun-kissed shores of Kobe’s beautiful beaches. Enjoy a refreshing swim in the tranquil waters, with many beaches offering free admission and calm waves thanks to protective breakwaters. Don’t forget to pack your essentials for a day of seaside relaxation, including swimsuits, tents for shade, and delicious snacks.

4.Have a Barbecue

Fire up the grill and treat your taste buds to a mouthwatering Japanese barbecue experience, known as yakiniku. Gather your loved ones for a leisurely outdoor feast in parks or designated barbecue areas, savoring grilled meats and vegetables seasoned to perfection.

5.Try Glamping or Camping

How about spending a day or two with your loved ones in luxurious camping style? With glamping, you can enjoy premium amenities and stylish accommodations, whether it’s a cozy tent nestled in the woods or a charming treehouse retreat.

For those seeking a more traditional camping experience, escape to nature across Japan and reconnect with the great outdoors under the starlit sky.

6.Cultural Exploration at Museums

Beat the heat while learning about Japan’s rich history and artistic heritage at air-conditioned museums. Discover captivating exhibitions showcasing Japanese art, culture, and artifacts, offering a refreshing retreat for curious minds.

7.Discover Underground Shopping Malls

Escape the heat and explore the underground shopping malls, offering a cool haven of shops, eateries, and entertainment options. Lose yourself in the bustling atmosphere as you wander through different boutiques and discover hidden treasures.

8.Make a Wish during Tanabata

Experience Tanabata, where wishes are written on colorful strips of paper and hung on bamboo branches. Join in the festivities of making wishes come true.

9.Cool Off with Shaved Ice

Indulge in one of the favorite summer treats: Kakigori. Kakigori is a finely shaped ice topped with an assortment of flavorful syrups. Enjoy this refreshing delicacy available at street stalls and dessert shops across Japan.

10.Eat by the Sea in Kobe’s Seaside

Because Kobe is sandwiched between mountain and sea, you can easily access both sides. This summer, why not try the seaside restaurants and enjoy the breathtaking view before you while munching on an appetizing meal?

While enjoying the things listed above in the hot and humid summer season, remember to stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, and embrace the summer vibes in Japan!

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