April 2024 Events in Kobe

As the weather gets warmer, various events will be held in different parts of Kobe.

Today, I would like to share with you some of the events that will take place in April.

Art Marble 2024

@KOBE Lampwork Museum

Jan. 13, 2024 (Sat) ~ Apr. 9, 2024 (Tue)

At the Tombo Dama Museum, visitors can try their hand at making glass beads!

Full of Niboshi『KIRAKIRA=BOSHI』~Niboshi and Fish that Live in the A4 World~


Jan. 12 (Fri) ~ Apr. 14 (Sun)

Flyer: (niboshi_flyer_en.pdf (

At the urban aquarium átoa, the giant turtles feeding experience is one of the recommended things to do!

30th Anniversary Mori no Oto Botanical Fair

@ROKKO Mori no Oto Museum

Mar. 16 (Sat) ~ Jun. 30 (Sun)

The various sounds in the forest of Mt. Rokko will definitely soothe you.


@Kobe Fruit Flower Park Ohsawa

Apr. 6 (Sat)

KOBE SONO SONO ’24 オフィシャルサイト

You can enjoy performances by various bands against the backdrop of the rich nature of

North Kobe and its beautiful buildings and gardens.

KOBE JAZZ DAY 2024 Live in Former Foreign Settlement

@Plaza in front of Kobe Sales Headquarters of Sumitomo Mitsui Bank

Apr. 7 (Sun)

KOBE JAZZ DAY 2024  旧居留地コンサート – Jazz Town Kobe

Did you know that the first professional band performance in Japan was held in Kobe in April 1923?

Acoustic Festival

@VARIT., Kobe Chicken George, Ikuta Shrine, etc.

Apr. 20 (Sat)

You can enjoy the Sannomiya/Motomachi area with “Music x Food x Town Walking”.


@Canal Town Square

Apr. 20 (Sat) ~ Apr. 21 (Sun)

A festival of craft beer breweries and local gourmet food in Hyogo Prefecture.

About more than 50 kinds of beer from all 17 companies will gather in this event!


@KIITODesign Creative Center

Apr. 21 (Sun)

The first whisky event to be held in Kobe.

Whiskey tastings, seminars, and other events are sure to be a hit with whiskey enthusiasts and whiskey connoisseurs.

Harbor Market

@Kobe Harborland Gas Street

Apr. 7 (Sun)

Why not take a stroll in Harborland and browse through the handmade stores lined up in a row?

Not only in the city of Kobe, but there is also many things to see in the sea and the mountains.

There are also many facilities and events where you can experience a variety of things!

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