Exploring the Neighborhood: What’s Around Share House Palette Sannomiya?

If you’re considering moving into Share House Palette Sannomiya, you’re probably curious about what the surrounding area has to offer in terms of activities, restaurants, cafes and shops. Luckily, Sannomiya has a vibrant and lively neighborhood with plenty of attractions to explore.


Sannomiya is a bustling district in Kobe, Japan, offering a wide array of activities to suit every interest. Whether you’re a fan of cultural experiences, shopping, or outdoor adventures, there’s something for everyone.

Yubiasobi Hiroba Ninomiya Onsen

Yuasobi Hiroba Ninomiya Onsen (湯あそびひろば 二宮温泉)

This is a public bathhouse that is within walking distance from Share House Palette Sannomiya. They are open from 2pm till 10am the next day. It’s only 430 yen to get in, and if you’re up for it, toss in an extra 150 yen for the sauna experience. Perfect spot to kick back, soak away the day, and dive into the Japanese public bath scene.


At the entrance of Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum (竹中大工道具館)

Check out the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum which is a cool spot that dives into the world of Japanese carpentry. Imagine checking out all these old-school woodworking tools – they’re like the main characters of the carpentry world! Besides the tools, this place got this awesome mix of tradition and modern vibes. So, whether you’re a DIY guru or just curious about Japanese carpentry tools, it’s a pretty neat visit.


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway (神戸布引ハーブ園/ロープウェイ)

If you’re a nature enthusiast, a visit to the Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens and Ropeway is a must. Enjoy a scenic cable car ride up the mountain and explore the beautifully landscape herb gardens, offering stunning views of the city below.



When it comes to dining options, Sannomiya leaves no stone unturned. From cozy local eateries serving up authentic Japanese cuisine to chic international restaurants, you’ll never run out of delicious choices.

Gururi (ぐるり)

A hidden gem located not far from Share House Palette Sannomiya which is run by a couple who have traveled around the world. They offer Korean cuisine for lunch and dinner, and their menu is equally delightful. Despite being near the train station, the restaurant is situated in a quiet area, providing a cozy and relaxed hideaway vibe.


Yukien (友喜苑)

Yukien is a Chinese restaurant located in Sannomiya within walking distance from the Share House. While its exterior may evoke the traditional Chinese eatery aesthetic, step inside to experience true culinary excellence reflecting Sannomiya’s distinctive flavors.


Yakiniku Doujou Tecchan (焼肉道場てっちゃん)

Yakiniku Doujou Tecchan is another restaurant yet near the share house. It is a deightful yakiniku restaurant where you can enjoy Kobe beef at a reasonable price. It’s advisable to make a reservation when thinking of dining in this restaurant.



Need a caffeine fix or a relaxing place to unwind? Sannomiya bosts a diverse number of cafes, each with its own unique ambiance. Take a moment to relax at the cafes listed below and soak in the local atmosphere. Whether you prefer people-watching in a bustling cafe or finding solitude in a quiet corner, there’s a cafe in Sannomiya perfect for you.


Cafe Plus is just a few minutes away from the share house. It is a popular cafe known for its meticulously hand-dripped coffee and delicious sandwiches. They have a cozy counter bathed in sunlight.


Cafe Lupinus (珈琲庵るぴなす)

Enjoy the ambience of this small retro cafe serving delicious coffee. At just 450 yen, they grind the coffee and hand-drip it right in front of you after you order, which adds to the fun. The variety of beautiful cups exude that confident sense of style.


Green House Silva (グリーンハウス シルバ)

This cafe allows you to soak in the sunlight and make you feel surrounded with nature. Whether it is a sofa table or a table by the terrace, allow yourself to relax in this tranquil cafe.



Shopping enthusiasts will find no shortage of retail therapy options in Sannomiya. Explore the bustling streets lined with an assortment of shops offering everything from fashion and accessories to unique souvenirs and gifts.

City Tower Plaza (シティタワープラザ)

City Tower Plaza is a shopping mall on the other side of the train line but is still relatively close to the Share House. On the first floor of this building is a supermarket, a drug store on the second floor, the third floor and above are home to orthopedic and dermatology clinics. From the fifth floor, it transforms into a hotel, and further up, it becomes residential apartments.


Sannomiya Opa 2 (三宮opa2)

Sannomiya Opa 2 is right by the bus stop at Sannomiya Station. It has Daiei from B2F to the first floor. As you go up from the second to the seventh floor, you’ll find a bunch of shops including fashion boutiques, shoe shops, bookstores, 100-yen store, and more. Now, if you want to grab some grub, head on over to the eighth and ninth floors; they’ve got your culinary journey with an array of restaurants.


Mint Kobe (ミント神戸)

Mint Kobe‘s exterior walls are entirely made of mirrored glass, providing a very open and scenic atmosphere. This shopping mall has everything from retail to dining, and even a movie theater! You can find a supermarket, a flower shop, and some restaurants at the basement floor. On the first floor is a bus terminal. From the second floor to the sixth floor are a wide variety of shops such as women & men’s fashion & accessories, interior goods, and a lot more. Discover delicious food at the seventh and eighth floor. Fancy watching a newly released movie? Head on to the movie theater at the ninth floor.


In conclusion, if you choose to make Share House Palette Sannomiya your new home, you’ll be immersing yourself in a neighborhood that offers an exciting mix of activities, restaurants, cafes, and shops.

So, go ahead and embrace the adventure of living in this vibrant neighborhood, where there’s always something new and exciting to discover right at your doorstep.