Shared Accommodation Life: Unpacking the Essentials

Welcome to the share house squad, where every day is a blend of fun, laughter and unexpected adventures! Moving into a share house is like jumping into a new chapter of your life, and we’re here to make sure you’re armed with the essentials. While most houses come fully furnished (score!), there are a few items that can add that personal touch and make your space uniquely yours. So, grab a seat, and let’s talk about the must-haves for your share house journey!

1. Multi-plug adapters

Let’s be real – in the age of gadgets, a single plug just won’t cut it. The multi-plug adapters are gonna be your ticket to charging your phone, laptop, and your other devices all at once! No more unplugging to make room for others. It’s the little things that make life grand.

2. Bath Basket for Soap & Shampoo

A simple basket can turn your shower into an organized haven. No more juggling slippery soap bottles like a circus act. It’s a game-changer for those who believe shower time would be serene, not a shampoo bottle balancing act.

3. Good Pair of Indoor Slippers

Indoor slippers aren’t just about style, they’re your secret weapon against chilly toes and mystery crumbs. No more tiptoeing around chilly floors and potential messes. It’s time to slip up those stylish slippers and say goodbye to the worry of dirty surprise and cold floor blues.

4. Mirror

A mirror is more than just a reflection – it’s your daily pep talk buddy. Hang it or prop it and make take one more glance of your fabulous self before diving into the share house shenanigans.

5. Cleaning Supplies (for your own room)

While common areas get the royal cleaning treatment, your room is your kingdom. A small stash of cleaning supplies can turn your room into a lovely, immaculate space. A tidy room equals a tidy mind.

Bonus: Handy Label Printer & Label Stickers – Because Why Not?

Ever wondered where your favorite pen disappears to? Or who’s been borrowing your awesome charger? Enter the label game – a handy label printer or some cool stickers from your favorite 100-yen shop can end the mystery. Label your stuff and never lose your pen again!

So, there you go! Your cheat sheet to transforming your shared residence into a place of comfort. Having the things listed above will be surely handy in your share house experience. Here’s to a cozy and unforgettable share house journey!