First Coffee in Japan: Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street

神戸元町商店街 Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street

Nestled in the heart of Kobe, Japan, lies a street with a remarkable history. Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street, often referred to as “The Long Long Street”, stretches approximately 1.2 kilometers, and boasts over 300 stores. By being one of the areas near the port, you can uncover a treasure trove of “First Things in Japan”.

Historical Gems

As you wander through Kobe Motomachi, you’ll come across some places that made history. Hokodo was the first to bring coffee beans to Japan and open a tearoom during the Meiji period.

Shibata Otokichi, the first Japanese tailor founded “SHIBATA OTOKICHI Yofuku-ten” in 1833.

Don’t miss other spots like KOBE FUGETSUDO, HONTAKASSAGOYA, and JUCHHEIM, which introduced popular treats like Gaufres (thin dry waffles), kakukintsuba (rectangular shaped with sweet bean paste and very light batter), and baumkuchen (traditional German cake) to Japan.

This street connects to nearby attractions like the former foreign settlement and Kobe’s Chinatown, making it a hub of activity for visitors.

Kobe Motomachi is home to many stores that have been around for over a century. These places, like Akakabe Shoten and HIRAMURA Photo Studio, have seen it all and are still going strong.

A Fusion of Old and New

What makes Kobe Motomachi special is how it blends old traditions with new ideas. It’s a town where the past meets the present, and where innovation is celebrated alongside history.

So, if you’re ever in Kobe, take a stroll down Motomachi Shopping Street. You’ll not only find great shops and tasty treats but also a piece of Japan’s developing spirit that’s been alive for over a century.

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