Grocery Stores and Supermarkets Around Living Place Kobe Hanakuma

In this blog post, we’re diving into one of the everyday joys of living in the neighborhood – grocery shopping and supermarket runs. Whether you enjoy cooking or just in need of some snacks, let’s explore the nearby grocery stores and supermarkets around Living Place Kobe Hanakuma that will make your life in Japan a little easier and tastier.

Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

Life Shimoyamate

Let’s get to know our neighborhood heroes – the local supermarkets. First up, we have Life Shimoyamate (ライフ下山手店), where you’ll find everything from fresh produce to pantry staples. Need some last-minute ingredients for that recipe you saw on TikTok or Instagram? Life Shimoyamate has got you covered, with its convenient location and wide selection.

📍Location: Map

JoyYell Ujikawa

Next on our list is JoyYell Ujikawa (ジョイエール宇治川店) A corner store seven minutes away from the share house that offers a more affordable price. This store offers fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh fish and meat.

📍Location: Map

Motomachi Shopping Street

kobe motomachi shopping street

Finally, the Motomachi Shopping Street, wherein a myriad of grocery shops sells fresh produce, some of which are Hyogo Prefecture’s finest ingredients and specialties. You can also find here some conger eels boiled in soy sauce and almond butter which are Himeji’s specialties. The famous onions from Awaji Island can also be bought in the shopping street.

📍Location: Map

Insider Tips and Tricks

Level up your supermarket run or grocery shopping game. Pro tip: keep an eye out of the daily or weekly discounts. You’ll never know when you’ll score a great deal on your favorite snacks. And if you’re looking to save some cash, consider joining loyalty programs, availing point cards, or downloading the supermarket app, if any, for exclusive discounts and rewards. Seems like a good way to get paid to snack, isn’t it?


Whether you’re trying out a new recipe or indulging your favorite snacks, let’s savor every moment and embrace the local flavor or Kobe. Until next time, happy shopping and happy eating!

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