What’s around Living Place Kobe Hanakuma? Let’s Explore!

Hey there! Are you wondering what you can do around our share house? We got you.

Discovering a new city from the comfort of your share house adds a layer of excitement to any living experience.

Join us as we spill the beans on some interesting spots that awaits you in the vicinity of Living Place Kobe Hanakuma. From captivating activities to mouthwatering eateries, charming cafes, and bustling shopping destinations, this guide will navigate you through the vibrant city of Kobe.


Sorakuen Garden (相楽園)

Sorakuen garden boasts lush gardens and koi ponds. Stroll through scenic paths in once a former private garden turned into a public area. Whether you’re a nature lover or just seeking a chill escape, you can head on to Sorakuen Garden. Come visit Sorakuen Garden for a touch of Studio Ghibli Magic!


Meriken Park (メリケンパーク)

Nestled against the waterfront, this lively wide park showcases iconic landmarks like the Kobe Port Tower and the Kobe Maritime Museum. Take a leisurely stroll along the promenade and snap Insta-worthy pics with the giant red Kobe Port Tower or Kobe Maritime Museum shaped like a sail as your backdrop at Meriken Park.


Nankin Machi (南京町)

Nankinmachi is Kobe’s bustling Chinatown with wide variety of culinary delights. Stroll through vibrant streets lined with traditional lanterns, snap pics of the ornate gates and savor dumplings, sweet custard buns, or any Chinese authentic flavors.



Okonomiyaki Den (お好み焼き田)

Craving for some okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki Den is a humble small restaurant near Hanakuma Station. Taste the other dominant style of okonomiyaki that is Hiroshima-style Okonomiyaki or try their seasonal specialties. Even it is an okonomiyaki restaurant, they also have other food in the menu such as steak, garlic rice, steamed chicken, etc.


Hanakuma Benkei (花くま 辨慶)

Hanakuma Benkei exudes this classy traditional restaurant that is evident in its exterior. The interior quaint vibes do not disappoint as well. Located in a residential neighborhood, enjoy the lunch set and choose from their sake selection in this small restaurant for an affordable amount.



If you love burgers and fries, you should try brisk stand. Get intoxicated with their western flavor delights. The meat is made from 100% Japanese beef and no additives are used. Treat yourself to an international menu because your taste buds deserve a high-five!



Coffee & Grill HUTTE (コーヒー&グリル ヒュッテ)

Need a chill spot? Look no further because HUTTE got you. It’s a cozy corner where you can sip, chat, and plan your next Kobe trip. Not only do they offer coffee, but this place also serves different dishes that might suit your taste buds!


Y’s Coffee Roaster & Baked Shop

Get your body caffeine-ready at Y’s Coffee Roaster & Baked Shop – a coffee haven run by a couple that serves home-roasted coffee and baked goodies. You deserve to chill in a place that will make your taste buds do a happy dance.


Cafe Sui Latte (自家焙煎コーヒー cafe・すいらて)

Cafe Sui Latte is your relaxing retreat for a laid-back coffee experience. Travel the world through coffee with a wide selection of about 60 coffee beans. Taste home-roasted coffee in a humble 50-year-old house and unwind while sipping your choice of delighted brews.



Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street

With a length of 1.2 kilometers housing approximately 300 stores, Kobe Motomachi Shopping Street is a place to go for shopping. This street is very accessible from various train stations and is in the center of Kobe’s main tourist attractions. Did you know that you can find Japan’s oldest and first coffee shop (Hokodo Coffee (放香堂加琲)) here?


Umie (神戸ハーバーランドumie)

An extensive urban style shopping mall near JR Kobe Station, Umie is a place where you can enjoy the port of Kobe’s night view. Enjoy shopping at retail shops or indulge in different dining options in either the North Mall or South Mall. Bringing your kids with you? They will surely have fun at the Anpanman Children’s Museum Mall.


Harbor Center

Harbor Center is a shopping mall with various shops and restaurants near JR Kobe Station. Dive into a world of fashion, fun, and maybe a spontaneous shopping spree or two. Head to the basement and you might see your favorite artist in their anniversary event or promotional event. Soak in the lively vibes of this shopping mall near the harbor!


From Meriken Park sunsets to shopping spree at Umie, Living Place Kobe Hanakuma has a myriad of activities to do, restaurants and cafes to try, and shopping malls to explore. Why not try to live in a neighborhood where everything is at arm’s length?