Pros and Cons of Living in a Share House in Kobe vs. an Apartment

Furnished room in a Share house in Kobe Japan
Private Room at Living Place Kobe Hanakuma

Renting an apartment in Japan can really burn a hole in your wallet, and it’s not just about the monthly rent.

Before you even step foot inside, you’re hit with a barrage of initial fees like security deposits, insurance fees, key money, and whatnot. Sometimes these costs can add up to the equivalent of several month’s rent!

And let’s not forget about furnishing the place. Most apartments in Japan come barebones, so you’ll need to splurge on essentials like lighting, a fridge, washing machine, a stove, etc.

Now, if you’re a bit of a nomad and find yourself moving more often than not, lugging around furniture every time can be really daunting.

If you frequently move to different places and think renting an apartment is too much, here’s another option: share houses. They’re like a breath of fresh air for your bank account and your lifestyle. With share houses, you can avoid all those hefty upfront costs and commitments.

Our Share Houses in Kobe

In Kobe, Japan, two distinct share houses, Living Place Kobe Hanakuma and Share House Palette Sannomiya provide unique living experiences for their residents.

Living Place Kobe Hanakuma

This share house has a straightforward layout with a single entrance leading directly upstairs to different floors.

Each floor features its own genkan (entryway), where residence remove shoes before entering. Since the share house accommodates a fewer number of people, you won’t be struggling passing through from the sea of shoes.

The second floor is tailored for male residents, offering four rooms, a bathroom, toilet, and a compact kitchen with individual storage spaces.

The third floor accommodates a male or female resident, providing a versatile arrangement. Here, a single room is available for either gender, alongside separate bathroom facilities for women, a communal living area, kitchen with designated storage for female residents, and a cozy dining space.

The fourth floor caters exclusively to female tenants, offering three private rooms and a toilet.

Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya

This share house presents a modern approach with a single entryway secured by a passcode.

The first floor is designated for male residents, featuring four private rooms, a communal bathroom, toilet, shoe shelf for all occupants, and storage specifically allocated for men behind the shoe area. The first floor also hosts a well-equipped kitchen with a mounted television.

On the second floor, female residents enjoy six private rooms, two toilets, a bathroom, a shower room, and a communal living space.

Aside from the following reasons in this article, here are some additional factors on why you might consider staying in a share house.


As mentioned earlier in this post, apartments could cost you a lot more than staying in a share house with furniture and initial cost being some of the things you should keep in mind about when moving in a new apartment.


The rooms come with basic furnishings, each equipped with a bed, table, chair, and clothes rack. For people renting in an apartment, bed frames don’t come together with the room, unless they have it in their previous apartments somewhere in Japan and hired a moving company. Otherwise, people usually sleep on futons and sit on cushions.


When moving into an apartment, tenants are responsible for contacting utility companies such as gas, electricity, and Wi-Fi to set up new contracts. Similarly, when moving out, tenants must contact these companies to terminate their contracts.

When moving into our share house, these tasks are typically handled by the company, providing a hassle-free moving-in process

The Disadvantages


When most of the tenants are talkative or when the television is put on a maximum volume, and if your room is next to the communal area where the chaos ensues, you might find yourself hearing noises at random times while in your room.


When you live with other people and only have two washing machines, you will find a time where both appliances are not available throughout the entire day as it has been used by your housemates.

Less Privacy

In a share house, privacy is more limited as you share the space with other housemates. However, if the idea of living with others doesn’t bother you and actually enhances your experience in Japan, then share house living can be incredibly rewarding.

Share houses might just be your best choice when moving in Kobe without breaking the bank. Want to hear what past residents have to say? Scroll down below to read their stories!

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