Share House in Japan: Reasons Why You Should Consider Living in a Share House

So, you have decided to live in Japan and will be staying in Kobe but still a little bit undecided where to live? Why not consider staying in a share house to create an authentic Japanese housing experience?

Below are some reasons why living in a share house is a good idea:

Meeting New People in a Share House

Moving to a new place and being separated from friends is the ideal chance to meet new people, develop close relationships with your housemates, expand your social circle to include people of different ages, discover and learn about the differences in one another’s cultures, try new foods, and improve your social skills.

Improving your Japanese in a Share House

Not only can you practice your Japanese skills outside, at school or at work, but also improve your Japanese skills in a casual and more laid-back setting. Living in a share house gives you that perfect chance to practice your language skills.

Pre-furnished Room

Depending on the share house, the room will likely be small or with enough space. Share houses likely include a bed, clothes rail (or sometimes a small closet or cabinet) and air conditioning unit, other things such as desk, chair, and lamp, and there may be a chance that your room will have a balcony and even a small fridge. Shared spaces usually have washing machines and clothes dryer as well. Lastly, the share house is equipped with Wi-Fi, so it eliminates the hassle of finding an internet provider!

Share House Contract

In Living Place Hanakuma Sharehouse and Sharehouse Palette Sannomiya, there will be no penalty fees incurred after staying for 6 months. Usually in Japanese apartments, there are 2 years of contract wherein penalty fees occur when tenants move out before finishing the contract.

Share houses Are Efficient

Share houses have cleaning staffs to take care of the cleaning responsibilities around the common areas such as the toilet and bathroom, so the residents do not need to do the cleaning on their own.

Share Houses Can be Rented from Abroad

Share houses such as Living Place Hanakuma Sharehouse and Sharehouse Palette Sannomiya accept applications for tenants from abroad. Sometimes share houses will let you show the room via zoom if the applicant is still living abroad. Scheduling a tour inside the share house is also possible if the applicant is already in Japan.

Age Restrictions in Share Houses

Many share houses have age restrictions, usually from 20 years old to 40 years old. However, in our share houses, if the applicant is a minor, a guardian’s signature in the contract will be required.

Foreign Language Speaking Staff Available

Our staffs can speak Japanese and English. They are available to support you at any time. If you have some questions or want clarifications about anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Utilities are Included in Monthly Payment

Sometimes referred to as common service fee, the electricity, gas, water, internet and cleaning fees are all included in the monthly payment, which eliminates the need for tenants to make the effort of going to the convenience store to pay their bills.