Public Transportation Guide in Kobe

Bus in Sannomiya, Kobe Japan 三宮神戸バス
Kobe City Loop Bus

Navigating Kobe’s bustling streets and scenic spots is a breeze, thanks to its public transportation network. Whether you’re hopping on Kobe’s city bus, city loop bus, port loop bus, train, subway, cable car or ropeway, getting around the city is a seamless experience that ensures you won’t miss out on any of its charms.


In Kobe, city bus, city loop, or port loop services mainly run around the city. Be sure to check the timetables for each service to plan your journey efficiently.

Sannomiya ↔ KIX

For those arriving or departing from or going to Kansai International Airport (KIX), rest assured that Kobe’s connectivity extends to this major gateway with dedicated bus services linking the airport to the city center.


Kobe’s train network, comprising JR, Hanshin, and Hankyu lines, seamlessly connects the city to neighboring regions and beyond. Trains offer speed, efficiency, and reliability whether you’re commuting within Kobe or setting out on a day trip to nearby attractions.


(Seishin Yamate Line & Kaigan Line)

Kobe’s subway system encompasses the Seishin Yamate Line and Kaigan Line. It also connects to the main areas in Kobe such as the Sannomiya Station.

How to Ride the City Subway

Cable Car & Ropeway

For a unique experience, ascend Kobe’s majestic mountains via cable car or ropeway. Enjoy panoramic views such as the herb gardens via the Kobe Nunobiki Ropeway, or the Kikuseidai Park via the Maya Cable Car .

Don’t miss out on the Rokkko Cable Car, your gateway to Rokko Garden Terrace and other scenic spots. And if you need some relaxation at Arima Onsen, extend your journey with the Rokko-Arima Ropeway from Rokko Cable Car’s summit station.

Excluding the Nunobiki Ropeway, at the end of each cable car’s summit stations, you’ll find convenient bus services awaiting, ready to take you to your next adventure.

Useful Resources When Going Around Kobe

Stay connected throughout your Kobe escapades with Kobe Free Wi-Fi and Softbank Free Wifi Passport, ensuring you have access to essential information and online resources wherever your journey takes you.

Where to Stay in Kobe

Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya is a 5-minute walk from JR Sannomiya Station, Living Place Kobe Hanakuma is only a 3-minute walk from Hankyu Hanakuma Station!

Reservations for tours are always welcome!

Reno Style Nunobiki is a 5-minute walk from Shin-Kobe Station!

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