What You Don’t Need to Bring to Your Share House

Embarking on your share house adventure? Well, here’s some fantastic news – you can leave a bunch of stuff behind! Share houses are like the superheroes of accommodation, swooping in with all the essentials. So, let’s talk about what you definitely don’t need to haul to your new place. Ready to lighten your load?

Living room common space in a Share house in Kobe Japan


First up on the “leave it at home” list – your TV. Why? Because our share house is already decked out with communal entertainment zones. Movie nights and binge-watching sessions? Covered.


Our share house comes with comfy sleeping quarters, so leave the bed frame to us. Just bring yourself, and you’re all set for dreamy nights. We prioritize cleanliness in our share houses, which is why we encourage residents to bring their own bedding. However, if the convenience is what you seek, worry not! We provide futons for rent, ensuring that your bedding needs are taken care of effortlessly when you move in.


Say goodbye to wrestling with curtain rods and sheets. Your share house has your privacy game strong – curtains are already there to ensure you can dance around in your pajamas without your audience.

Clothing Rack

No need to be your own carpenter – your room already comes with a clothing rack. Hang up those outfits and let your clothes feel right at home.

Table and Chair for Your Room

Creating your mini study nook? Well, guess what? You don’t need to haul around a table and chair. Your room is likely equipped with the perfect spot for some productive chill time.


Don’t worry about setting up Wi-Fi – it’s part of the share house package. Stream, scroll and stay connected right from the get-go.

Kitchen Utensils

Love to cook? Well, leave the pots, pans, and utensils at home because the share house kitchen is ready for your culinary masterpieces. Just bring the recipes and let the cooking adventures begin!


No need to carry lamps or fairy lights. Your share house is already shining bright with thoughtfully placed lighting. Whether its studying, reading, or just chilling, the perfect ambiance is set.

Air Conditioning

Say farewell to fans and portable AC units. Your share house ensures a cool breeze with built-in air conditioning. No sweating through summer and freezing through winter – just cool, calm, and collected vibes.

The liberation from unnecessary baggage relieves you from stress ain’t it? Share houses are your one-stop-shop for a fully equipped, hassle-free living experience. Lighten your load, bring yourself, and get ready to dive into the share house life.