What is a Share House?

Ever heard of a share house but not entirely sure what it’s all about?

You are not alone in that boat.

Who lives there anyway?

Are there any rules?

So many questions, right?

That’s why we’ve put together a guide to share houses.

What is a Share House, Anyway?

A share house is a rental place where multiple people share a single abode. You’ve got the usual areas – a shared kitchen, living room, bathroom, toilet, and everyone’s got their private rooms.

The Perks of Living in a Share House

So, why choose a share house? Well, let’s talk money – it’s not your typical rent. Your monthly rent and upfront costs are way friendlier.


Because furniture and appliances come with the deal. No need to start from scratch! It’s perfect for first-time solo dwellers or those moving into Japan for study or work – move in with just yourself and kickstart that new chapter without delay!

How Do You Get In, Though?

Sure, there’s a screening process for share houses, but it’s not your average rental inspection. The key player? Your personality.

At Living Place Kobe Hanakuma and Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya, we’re all about vibes.


Because when you’re sharing life with a bunch of folks, getting along is a big deal. We’ll definitely need you to swing by for a tour. If you can’t make it in person, especially if you’re far or overseas, we’ve got virtual tours too. If you’re cool on the personality front, we’ll check if you’re all good on the rent-paying front. No worries about the gender or race – we’re all about the good vibes here.

Who Lives in These Share Houses, Anyway?

At Living Place Kobe Hanakuma, it’s a crew of working professionals – a bit more on the grown-up side. Weekdays are a hustle, but come the weekend, the house buzzes with resident gatherings. There’s a mix of cultures, so English is often the language of choice.

Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya is a bit more laid-back, with a mix of casual and student vibes. English is constantly in the air here too, thanks to our international mix.

How Much Is This Gonna Cost Me?

Costs include a deposit (usually the same as rent), monthly rent, common area fees, and insurance. Common area fees cover internet, utilities, regular cleaning, and management fees.

Are There Rules to Follow?

With different people under one roof, you bet there are some ground rules. Whether you’re at Living Place Kobe Hanakuma or Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya, we’ve got house rules. Stick to ‘em, and you’re in for a comfy and cozy share house experience. Easy peasy!

A Share House offers affordable initial costs and lower rent compared to regular rentals. With spacious shared kitchens and living rooms, it provides a chance to experience a lifestyle that is similar to studying abroad while staying in Japan, especially with a diverse community that includes residents from various countries. The cultural exchange is rich, and the presence of housemates ensures you never feel alone, making every day enjoyable!

So, what do you think? Intrigued by the idea of living in a Share House? Currently, both Living Place Kobe Hanakuma and Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya are open for new residents. Feel free to contact us anytime for a visit. We’d love to show you around!