What Do You Need in a Share House?

Hey future housemate! Are you moving into a share house and feeling a bit lost about what to bring? There are many people who would like to live in a shared housing, but don’t know what to bring with them and it’s okay, because we’ve got your back!

We’re here to spill the beans on what’s already waiting for you in our share house, Living Place Kobe Hanakuma, so you won’t need to worry about packing for your move in!

Share House Living Place Kobe Hanakuma

What’s in a Share House?

Share houses are typically equipped with household furniture and appliances, so, you won’t need to prepare a lot of things because almost everything you need is ready. Talk about the hassle-free living, right?

Kitchen in Share house Hanakuma

What’s in Living Place Kobe Hanakuma?

Living Place Kobe Hanakuma has refrigerators, microwaves, oven toasters, rice cookers, pots you can use anytime when for your meals. And hey, don’t worry about the dirty laundry – we’ve got washing machines too. Movie night? Enjoy it on the living room’s TV! Plus, not to mention storage spaces such as shoe cabinets, storage for your condiments and personal kitchen stuff.

Bedroom in share house in kobe

Private Room Perks

Since every room has a bed, desk, chair, air conditioner, storage box, hanger, rack, all you gotta bring is yourself – no heavy lifting required!

Shared expenses in share house Kobe

Shared Expenses: Saving Your Wallet!

With all these furniture and appliances provided, you can reduce the initial cost when you start your new life. This is one of the merits of a share house! In addition, utility bills such as Wi-Fi and electricity are shared among residents, keeping your monthly expenses chill.

Living Room in a share house in Kobe Hanakuma

Living Room Vibes: The Heart of the House

Living House Kobe Hanakuma has a large, well-lit living room -a hangout spot perfect for lazy holidays and chill evenings.

Share house bedding and room in Kobe

Bedding Dilemma Solved

Living Place Kobe Hanakuma is all about hygiene, so bringing your own bedding is encouraged. But hey, if you’re feeling spontaneous, we also have futons for rent, so you can move in without worrying about your bedding.

Bringing Your Own Furniture

Got some furniture that’s practically family, and you can’t imagine living without it? We get it- sometimes, a chair is more than a chair! So here’s the deal – if you want to bring your own furniture, just shoot us a message in advance!

There will be no problem if you bring your own furniture. Just give us a heads up, and we’ll make room for your treasures. And hey, if there’s some furniture hanging around that you’re not into, we can remove it in your room. After all, it’s all about making your space truly yours!

Need More Deets? Hit Us Up on LINE!

If you have more questions, Slide into our LINE and let’s chat! We’re all ears and super excited to welcome you to Living Place Kobe Hanakuma.

Feel free to contact us. We will look forward to hearing from you!