Discover Share Houses in Japan in 2024: Your Guide to Cheap and Stylish Living

Hey there, let’s talk about the world of share houses in Japan – it’s like renting an apartment, but way cooler! So why pick a co-living space? Well, if you’re dreaming of a unique housing experience in Japan, you’re in the right place.

Now for the fun part – the perks! In this blog post, we’ll show you the benefits of choosing a shared residence. We’re highlighting the diverse community, the perfect blend of socializing and alone time, the stylish vibe, and of course, the total convenience that sets it apart.

Diverse Community

When living in a share house, there are so many opportunities to create new memories from encountering different people from different walks of life. Imagine the stories you’ll collect!

We’re all about diversity – a perfect 50/50 blend of Japanese and foreign residents. It’s like having a global family under one roof. Chat with fellow foreigners or with your Japanese housemates to practice your Japanese skills. You even got the chance to share your favorite meals or movies. I mean, the possibilities are endless! It’s not just housing; it’s a multicultural hangout!

This unique approach creates a vibrant environment, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to connect with diverse cultures and make lasting friendships!

A Perfect Balance of Socializing and Privacy

Get ready for a living experience that caters to both social butterflies and quiet seekers. Our share houses are designed to encourage interaction and socializing among housemates. Share stories, cook together, or simply unwind in a friendly atmosphere. But hey, if you crave some alone time, spend a quiet and peaceful environment in your spacious private sanctuary. It’s like having the best of both worlds, right in your own home.

The “Oshare” Western Style infused into Japanese Tradition

Forget those old plain boring white walls – we’re all about style! Share House Kobe Palette Sannomiya rocks this “oshare” vibe –a Kobe aesthetic with a touch of Western design. Every room stands out with its individualized design on the wall that adds personality to your space!

Less Worry, More Comfort

Living in an apartment can be a headache – furniture shopping, delivery drama, and the chaos of moving out. But guess what? Our share houses take the stress out of it. Your bed, table, chair and other must-haves are ready and waiting. No worries, just comfort – it’s a way of life!

So, Who Can Stay?

Our doors are wide open for everyone! Whether you’re a language student, a remote worker, an employee on a business trip working on long-term projects or just a curious explorer, our share houses are your home away from home. Foreigners and Japanese locals – we’re all one big family.


In a nutshell, if you’re searching for an affordable and stylish living arrangement in Kobe, look no further than our share houses. Embrace the diverse community, find your balance, immerse yourself in the fancy Western atmosphere, and make way for comfort.

Your journey in Japan starts with Share House Palette Sannomiya or Living Place Kobe Hanakuma!