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Short-term apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki is located in the central area of Kobe and is a great place for sightseeing in Kobe!

In this article, we will introduce recommendations for sightseeing in the surrounding area.


Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway


Kobe nunobiki herb gardens & ropeway is one of the main attractions of sightseeing in Kobe. It is close to Reno-Style Nunobiki and can be easily accessed by a ropeway from Shin-Kobe Station. During the flower season, the entire mountain is turned into a flowerbed, making it a fun spot for everyone from adults to children. The park also offers food and beverages. You can enjoy a meal while taking in the panoramic view of Kobe.

◎公式HP 神戸布引ハーブ園/ロープウェイ (

Official Website  Ropeway & Location | Kobe Nunobiki Herb Gardens & Ropeway | 神戸布引ハーブ園/ロープウェイ (

◎マンスリーマンションリノスタイル布引からのアクセス 徒歩とロープウェイで約20分

Access from Monthly Apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki 20 minutes by foot and ropeway

◎北野異人館街 Kobe Kitano Ijinkan Gai



You cannot miss a visit to Kitano Ijinkan gai when you go sightseeing in Kobe. The modern streets lined with Western-style buildings are as exotic as in the past. The Kitanocho area was designated as a foreign settlement after the opening of the Kobe Port, and many foreign residences were built on the hilltop overlooking the port. There are many western colonial-style buildings, and about 200 western-style buildings were built between the Meiji period and the early Showa period (1926-1989).

It is fun to walk around the Kitano Ijinkan gai, but it is also recommended to take a look inside the Western-style houses. Some are open to the public free of charge, but others require the purchase of a ticket.

公式HP 神戸北野異人館街公式サイト ~神戸の異国情緒を異人館から~ (

Official Website


About 10 minutes by foot from short-term Apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki

◎生田神社 Ikuta Shrine


Ikuta Shrine has a history of over 1,800 years. The name Kobe was derived from Kobe (Kanbe), the family that protects the god Ikuta, and from which the name Kobe was derived. Ikuta originally means a place full of vitality and life. In recent years, the shrine has been visited by many athletes and artists, and many visitors come to the shrine as it is located in the downtown area of Kobe.

公式HP Official Website ご縁結びのいくたさん – 神戸の安産祈願・恋愛成就・ご縁結びは生田神社 (


20 minutes by foot from Short-term apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki

◎竹中大工道具館 Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum



Takenaka carpentery tools museum, located near Shin-Kobe Station, is the only one of its kind in Japan. It is a museum that fascinates visitors with the tools and techniques of craftsmen. In Addition, there is a carefully maintained Japanese garden and the excellent modeling of the museum buildings that make the entire site a beautiful place to visit.

Although the museum is not very famous, it is a fun place to spend time, with visually appealing buildings, beautiful craftsmanship, and a hands-on learning section. You can also learn about Japanese architecture, making it a popular place for visitors from overseas. There are also workshops for children, so it is recommended for families with children.

◎公式HP 竹中大工道具館 (

Official Website TAKENAKA CARPENTRY TOOLS MUSEUM | Our Mission (


5 minutes by foot from Monthly Apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki





We hope you got interesting in Kobe more! Why not take a trip to the exotic city of Kobe this year?!

Reno-style Nunobiki is conveniently located in a quiet residential area in the center of Kobe, a 10-minute walk from Sannomiya Station and a 5-minute walk from Shin-Kobe Station. The Kitano Ijinkan and Nunobiki Herb Gardens are within walking distance. Based in Kobe, you can also go to Osaka, Kyoto, and Himeji with a single train ride.

The hotel is used by many people for short trips, business, and of course, temporary return from overseas. We offer 2LDK rooms that are spacious enough for a family.

When you visit Kobe, please make use of Short-term Apartment Reno-Style Nunobiki. Please feel free to contact us for more information about availability.