Interview for Resident of Share House ②


Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウス Where are you from?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Germany"

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat made you decide to live in Kobe?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Research visit at Laboratory."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat kind of work do you do in Kobe?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Computer research."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat is your impression of Kobe before and after living here?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Before I didn't know much about Kobe. Afterwards I think it's somehow not very popular with foreign tourists, but it's a very good place to live. There are not as many English-speaking people here, so for long-term, learning Japanese is important."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスHow did you find this share house?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "It was suggested by the Labo."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスHow long do you plan to stay in Japan or Kobe?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "5 months, so after leaving the sharehouse I will return home."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat was your most memorable experience in a share house?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "I made some great friends and we had some great weekend trips to nearby sights. Also the breakfast with everyone and the staff was great!"

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat do you plan to do after you return to home country?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Finish research/PhD, then start work somewhere. I'd actually like to work in Japan but I think in long-term I'd miss my family too much."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat do you enjoy most about living in a share house?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Having people to talk to and to do things with."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスHow would you describe the sense of community within the share house?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "It almost felt like a family. Initially not many people lived in the share house, but everyone was great and we did almost everything together."

Sharehouse in Kobe 神戸シェアハウスWhat advice would you give to someone considering living in a share house?

nadeshiko-management-avatar-male "Talk to people, try to be considerate and you'll have a great time!"

Where to Stay in Kobe

Share House Palette Kobe Sannomiya is a 5-minute walk from JR Sannomiya Station, Living Place Kobe Hanakuma is only a 3-minute walk from Hankyu Hanakuma Station!

Please click here for more details about the share house with furniture, electric appliances and free wifi!

Reservations for tours are always welcome!