Sake Brewery Museums in Kobe

Are you interested in tasting sake? Try the best Japanese sake in Kobe.

Kobe is the top sake producing area in Japan, specifically in Nada District. With the pure water from Mt. Rokko being used as the water in the whole sake making process, high quality rice, favorable weather conditions, and of course, its close proximity to the port of Kobe and Osaka City.

Less than 8km away from Renostyle Nunobiki, there is a cluster of sake brewery museums in the Nada District called “Nada Gogo”. With a long history dating back from 700 years ago, you can see how people used to make sake with the available tools in the past.

Head on to the following sake brewery museums and learn more about the brewing process.

What’s more interesting is, you can even taste some of their unpasteurized sake.

Hamafukutsuru Sake Brewery

Learn the history and culture of sake making, watch the fermentation process throughout the four seasons, and explore the fermentation culture in Hamafukutsuru Sake Brewery.

If you’re lucky, you can see how the sake is made through the glass-walled corridors or even try one of the traditional ways in the sake making process.

Not only do they offer unpasteurized sake tasting, but they also have a fee-based sake tasting corner and a limited-edition “hidden treasure” sake corner.

Admission: Free

Reservation required for groups of 10 or more

Location: Map

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum

Hakutsuru Sake Museum opened its old sake brewhouse to the public with a mission to make visitors feel how sake is traditionally made and how it is carried down through the ages.

You will walk through different displays of exhibits on how people make sake in detail.

There is also a sake tasting corner where you can try their unpasteurized sake that you can only find in the museum.

Admission: Free

Reservation required for groups of 10 or more.

Location: Map

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum

See firsthand the pieces of sake brewery equipment which are designated as important tangible folk cultural property by the national government in Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum.

Their collection of interesting sake cups that have quite the unique designs will impress you.

Savor seasonal sake including their raw, unprocessed sake.

You can also taste their original sake brewery ice cream!

Admission: Free

Reservation required for groups of 10 or more.

Location: Map

Kobe’s Nada District offers a fascinating opportunity to explore the world of sake in all its depth and richness.

Whether you’re intrigued by the old-brewing techniques, eager to sample unique varieties of unpasteurized sake, or are just simply looking to immerse yourself in Japan’s cultural heritage, these museums offer an unforgettable experience.

Make sure to add a visit to these locations when exploring Kobe!

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