Why Choose a Monthly Furnished Apartment on Your Japan Business Trip?

When planning a business trip to Japan, staying at a monthly furnished apartment like Renostyle Nunobiki in Kobe can be an excellent choice rather than staying at hotels. In this blog, we wrote a detailed breakdown of why it could be a preferable option.

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What is a Monthly Furnished Apartment?

A monthly furnished apartment offers temporary housing with all the necessary furniture, appliances, and other amenities for a comfortable stay. These apartments provide a homely environment where you can enjoy privacy and convenience.

Key Benefits of Monthly Furnished Apartments

1.Privacy and Freedom

Independent Access: You don’t need to check in and out at reception or hand over keys. You have complete control over your comings and goings.

Cooking Facilities: Equipped with a fully functional kitchen, you can cook meals instead of relying on restaurants. This includes appliances and utensils such as a rice cooker, pots, pans, and more.

2.Spacious and Comfortable

Larger Living Area: Compared to hotel rooms, monthly apartments usually offer more space, giving you a more comfortable living environment. Normally, Renostyle Nunobiki can accommodate four people, but we can accommodate more with extra fees.

Quiet Environment: Located in a residential neighborhood, Renostyle Nunobiki provides a peaceful setting, perfect for unwinding after a busy day.


Utilities Included: The rent typically includes utilities such as electricity, water, and Wi-Fi, eliminating the hassle of paying separate bills.

Longer Stays are Cheaper: Staying for a long period often results in a reduced monthly rate compared to shorter stays.

Kobe Nadeshiko Management runs four businesses in Kobe: Share House, Rental Space, Rental Kitchen, and Monthly Furnished Apartments. We offer places for people to live, gather, and create memories. Need space to start your own restaurant, pub, or cooking class? We’ve got you covered. Enjoy easy living in Kobe with us!

4.Home-Like Amenities

Fully Furnished: The apartments come with furniture, appliances, and other essentials to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Appliances such as washing machine is available, eliminating the need for coin laundry or dry cleaning.

Self-Cleaning: You will be responsible for cleaning, giving you control over your living space’s cleanliness.

5.Safety and Security

Secure Access: Features like security cameras and an auto-lock system ensure that only tenants can enter the property.

Safety Measures: Intercom systems in each room allow you to verify visitors, enhancing your sense of security.


Simplified Contract: Unlike regular rental apartments, furnished apartment involves a straightforward paperwork and doesn’t need any additional information such as guarantors or screening process.

Immediate Comfort: Utilities are already included in the monthly rent in which you can use it upon moving in so you can focus on work starting from day one.

Why Choose Renostyle Nunobiki?

Renostyle Nunobiki is conveniently located 5-minutes away on foot from Shin Kobe Station and about 17 minutes away from downtown Sannomiya, providing easy access to transportation and essential services.

Nearby Attractions

Nunobiki Herb Garden: Enjoy scenic walks and see different flowers, vegetables and herbs.

Kitano Ijinkan Gai: Explore historical western-style houses.

Kitano Tenman Shrine: Visit this local cultural landmark atop a hill and enjoy the view of Kobe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are utilities and Wi-Fi included in the rent?

Yes, most monthly furnished apartments include utilities and Wi-Fi in the rent. Always check the apartment details to confirm.

2.What is the shortest contract period?

At Renostyle Nunobiki, the minimum stay is one month. Longer stays can lead to discounted monthly rents.

3. Are monthly furnished apartments safe?

Safety is a priority with features like CCTV cameras and auto-lock systems.

Renostyle Nunobiki also provides intercom systems in each room for additional security.

4. Are toiletries, towels, detergent soaps included?

Generally speaking, detergents and toiletries are not included, it is available upon request with additional fees.


Choosing a monthly furnished apartment for your business trip to Kobe, Japan, offers a range of benefits from cost savings to greater comfort and privacy. Renostyle Nunobiki, with its excellent location and amenities, makes a great option over traditional hotel stays. Enjoy your temporary home away from home while focusing on your work, exploring the local attractions, and discovering the local specialties.

For further details, you can explore more about our monthly furnished rental apartment “Renostyle Nunobiki” in Kobe.

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