Hot Springs in Kobe

Kobe has a vibrant city life but at the same time offers a tranquil escape with its natural hot springs. If you’re seeking relaxation, visit some of the hot springs in Kobe.

Arima Onsen

Arima Onsen is one of Japan’s oldest and most famous hot spring resorts, nestled in the mountains just north of Kobe. It boasts two types of hot springs: “kin-no-yu” (gold water) and “gin-no-yu” (silver water). Each of the hot springs have distinct mineral compositions and therapeutic properties.

Take a stroll through the streets where traditional ryokans, souvenir shops and teahouses line up.

While in Arima Onsen Resort, do not miss out on the Arima Toy Museum or the views of Mount Rokko.

Suma Onsen

Situated at the foot of the mountains near Sumadera Park, Suma Onsen provides an experience where you can soak in the hot spring and unwind in a quiet surrounding facing the large pond of Sumadera Temple.

The hotel is located near the center of the city for easy access to the city center, and is also conveniently located near the waterfront with greenery in the background.

It is also convenient as a base for sightseeing, including Sumadera Temple, known for its cherry blossoms, Rikyu Park, and Suma Seaside Aquarium.

Hot Spring Near Kobe

Takarazuka Onsen

Located in the neighboring city of Takarazuka, Takarazuka Onsen offers a retreat with its natural alkaline waters. You can relax in the baths while surrounded by greenery and relaxing surroundings.

There are two types of water in Takarazuka Onsen: the iron-rich “gold” spring water and the clear “silver” spring water.

One interesting point about Takarazuka Onsen is how it can draw natural spring water despite the lack of volcanic activity. A theory says that the hot spring sits on a fault line causing pressure that releases mineral-filled water.

Where to Stay in Kobe

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