7 Kobe Street Foods You Should Try

Kobe Nankinmachi Street Food 神戸南京町グルメ

Most people visit Kobe to try Kobe beef. But aside from Kobe beef, there are more unique food you can try.

In this blog, we will focus on Nankinmachi, one of Japan’s largest Chinatown and share more information about some of the food you can only try and enjoy in this vibrant town.

Butaman (pork bun)

Nankinmachi offers Chinese food that you can easily enjoy. First up, let’s talk about Butaman, and the best place to get the pork bun is from Roshouki. Yeah there’s usually a line, but it’s there for a reason. Butaman’s succulent meat filling and tender bun is definitely irresistible. Roshouki is conveniently located in the middle of Nankinmachi, easily identifiable by the a crowd of people falling in line.

Addittionally, there is a pig-shaped steamed pork buns named butachan-man at Rokumeiso which are maybe too cute to be eaten.


For kids and kids at heart, they might find panda-man irresistible. The panda shaped steamed buns are filled with bean paste. This can be eaten for dessert as the bean paste has a sweet taste. You can find panda-man at Rokumeiso and at various stalls throughout the Chinatown.

Xiao Long Bao

Now, onto Xiao Long Bao ー these little steamed soup dumplings (or shoronpo in Japanese) are another street food that you should try. These dumplings are made with dough filled with savory broth and tender meat. Find them around Nankinmachi and prepare for a taste sensation.

Peking Duck Wrap

Who could forget about Peking Duck Wrap? Crispy duck wrapped in a delicate pancake, topped with a smear of sauce. These wraps are found in various stalls around the area.


Have you ever tried croquette? Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Kobe Croquette offers different tastes of croquette with one that is unique that is their prawn and scallop croquette, making it one of their best sellers. Their other best-selling croquette, the tori cheese chicken cutlet is also a must-try.

Chizu Man (cheese bun)

Aside from the croquettes, Kobe Croquette offers chizu man (cheese bun). It is the most popular item having been featured in magazines and tv shows. The chewy mochi bun is filled with soft and gooey cheese.

Kobe Milk Pudding

This milk pudding in a cute little glass container is one of the most popular desserts and one of the Instagrammable food in Nankinmachi. The creamy gelatinous custard sits at the bottom and it is topped with a variety of fruits you can choose from. My personal favorite would be the mango flavor.

Next time you find yourself in Kobe, why not venture out and explore the mouthwatering food this city can offer aside from Kobe beef?

How to Access Kobe Chinatown

The closest train station from Kobe Chinatown would be JR Motomachi. From Motomachi station, exit at the West Gate and you will arrive in 5 minutes on foot.

From Living Place Kobe Hanakuma, you can reach the Chinatown by foot in 13 minutes. You can pass through the Motomachi Shopping Street and enjoy various stores on your way.

From Share House Kobe Palette Sannomiya, ride the local or rapid train from JR Sannomiya to JR Motomachi station.

From Renostyle Nunobiki, you can take the bus #2, #92 or the city loop bus or walk until JR Sannomiya Station and ride the train to JR Motomachi Station.

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