How to Survive Summer in Japan: 10 Must-Have Essentials

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It is agreeable by the majority that summer in Japan is unbearable for its blistering temperatures and high humidity.

Surely, summertime is full of activities and events, from firework displays to lively festivals. But in the recent years, more and more people are hospitalized because of heatstroke.

So how can you beat the heat and stay cool? Let’s talk about it in this blog post.

1. Airism by Uniqlo to Stay Fresh in Style

When the temperature rises, there’s nothing like slipping into something cool and comfy. Airism by Uniqlo is the solution to Japan’s sweltering summers. Made from innovative materials, this cooling apparel will leave you feeling dry and breezy all day long. Say goodbye to that sticky discomfort!

2. Shade Your Way Through Summer with UV-Blocking Umbrellas

The Japanese sun doesn’t hold back during summer, but neither should you! Keep cool and protected under the shade of a UV-blocking umbrella. You can find umbrellas in department stores or shopping streets. They even offer small, portable ones which is compact and easier to carry around all the time.

3. Portable Fans as Your Breeze Buddy

In Japan’s humidity, a gentle breeze can feel like a lifesaver. That’s where portable fans come in handy! Stay cool no matter where you go with either a handheld portable fan or hands-free neck fan. Don’t let the lack of wind prevent you from going out, carry these nifty gadgets with you.

4. Dab Away the Sweat with Handkerchiefs and Towels

When the heat is on, a trusty handkerchief or towel becomes your best friend. Keep one handy to mop up any unwanted sweat and stay fresh throughout the day.

5. Cooling Sprays and Lotions: Stay Cool On-the-Go

For an instant cooldown, nothing beats the refreshing cooling spray or lotion. Simply spritz or slather on to experience instant relief from the heat. Better yet, apply some cooling lotion and then spray before heading out. Compact and convenient, these little lifesavers are a must-have in your bags.

6. Chill Out with Cooling Towels and Ice Scarves

Wrap yourself in icy bliss with cooling towels or ice scarves. Perfect for outdoor activities or simply lounging at home, these items will keep you feeling cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days.

7. Ice Pillows and Cooling Mattresses for a Cool Night’s Rest

Can’t sleep in the middle of the summer night while tossing and turning in the heat? Stay cool and comfortable in bed with ice pillows. Simply chill them in the freezer before bedtime for a restful sleep.

Consider having cooling mattresses as they can help regulate your body temperature, allowing you to sleep comfortably, even during warm nights. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day – no more hot and sleepless nights!

8. Stay Fresh with Body Cooling Wipes

When you’re out and about, staying fresh can be a challenge. Don’t worry, body cooling wipes is going to be your secret weapon against sweat and odor. Simply swipe away the heat for an instant burst of coolness wherever you are.

9. Get Hydrated with Refreshing Drinks

In the scorching heat, staying hydrated is key. Keep your body cool and replenished with refreshing summer drinks. Quench your thirst with iced barley tea, fruit-infused water, lemonade, or sports drinks.

10. Ice Cream, The Ultimate Summer Treat

Last but certainly not the least, no summer is complete without indulging some delicious ice cream. In Japan, there are a lot of different kinds of ice cream that people of all ages will surely love and enjoy. From classic to adventurous flavors, why not treat yourself a scoop (or two!) of icy goodness. After all, nothing beats the heat quite like a frozen delight.

We understand how difficult it is to survive the summer in Japan but with these 10 essentials, we hope that you can tackle Japan’s hottest season with ease. Stay cool and stay refreshed this summer season!

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